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Hooray for Rosé!

Pink ciders to sip on through the fall

Rosé wine was considered the millennial pink drink of the summer, and now, cider varietals are making it a top choice for fall, too. Enthusiasts love rosé cider for its bold, crisp taste and the fact that it’s lower in alcohol than rosé wine. From heritage bottles made with red-fleshed apples to modern cans blended with farm-fresh blueberries, here are some top picks for your next tailgate, picnic or camping trip.

Pro tip: Pair rosé cider with crudités, hummus, prosciutto, and cheese and crackers.

1 Original Sin Dry Rosé Cider

This cider is made with freshly pressed New York apples. Smooth and blush colored, it has a slightly sweeter flavor that comes from adding grape skin extract, but it still has a refreshing, tart finish.

2 Citizen Cider bRosé

Founded by three self-professed “bros” in Vermont, Citizen Cider produces bRosé, handcrafted using apples pressed at Happy Valley Orchard in Middleburg and blueberries from Charlotte Berry Farm (both in Vermont). Light in body with a dry finish and strong carbonation, this cider feels like a sparkling rosé.

3 Cidergeist Bubbles Rosé Ale

Effervescent and light, this cider gets sweetness from apple and peach and tartness from cranberry, which makes for an ideally balanced flavor profile. Bonus: It comes in a cool, fall-themed can.

4 Angry Orchard Rosé

One of the newer entries to the rosé cider arena, this refreshing beverage is made from rare, red-fleshed apples, giving it a brilliant rosy hue and floral aroma. While sweet, enthusiasts like it for its dry, refreshing finish.