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Stylish Sunnies

Trendy sunglasses styles that make a statement

2018 is shaping up to be the year for over-the-top sunglasses. From keyhole bridge versions to large rectangular styles, designs are getting bolder and bigger. Here are some shapes and styles that will turn heads for both men and women.

For women

Large cut-outs: “Sunglasses don’t have to be round or oval to be fashionable,” French says. She likes versions like these Haze Palm Sunglasses, which come in both black and rose. Other shapes that continue to be popular for women include cat-eye, square and oval, according to French.

Embellished glasses: “It’s all about the embellishing,” says Cindy French, a stylist who helps dress Hollywood celebrities. French has seen all types of embellishments on sunglasses, from pearls to flowers to crystals. Actress Jessica Simpson recently turned heads on a gray day in Manhattan when she brightened up the gloom with a pair of red frames embellished with red flowers.

For men

Tinted frames: Sunglasses with metal frames in hues like sky blue, orange, yellow – and yes, even pink – “offer an extra dose of cool,” French says. “Pick up a few so that you can coordinate the color with your outfit.”

Aviator glasses: These styles remain popular for men, but with a twist: “Pick an oversized retro version in a material like tortoiseshell,” suggests French. “Wear them with a traditional outfit and you’ll suddenly look both stylish and edgy.” Other styles for the season for men include flat-top sunglasses and metallic clip-ons.