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Lauren Egan

Just under five years ago, Lauren Egan was an exhausted ER nurse, working 12-hour shifts and attempting to train for a half marathon.

While working and caring for her four-year-old son, “I was just pooped,” she says. “No matter what I ate or how I tweaked my workout, I just wasn’t able to get the energy I needed.” To make things worse, a back injury had dramatically slowed down her running progress.

Then, a friend suggested she try THRIVE for free by referring two other people to use the product as well. Three weeks into her THRIVE Experience, “I wasn’t the same person,” she says. “Not only did I have all of the energy I needed, I could speed through my day feeling great, and I was even picking up speed when I ran.”

Egan ran the half marathon on a very hilly course in Raleigh, NC, and beat a personal record by eight minutes.

At work, other nurses began cornering her to ask, “What are you doing?”

“Create a vision board to focus on your ‘why.’ ”

Since everyone around her was interested in THRIVE, Egan decided to become a Promoter and take advantage of the Fast Start bonuses available to newbies. She and her husband, a police officer, had a lot of debt at the time that the couple was eager to get rid of.

Egan, who says she used to beg her husband to take her on a beach vacation once a year, had her eye on the Le-Vel Lifestyle Getaways and vowed to earn one. Around the same time she qualified for her first Getaway, she remembers receiving a bonus check from being a Promoter.

“I said to myself, ‘Okay, this Promoting thing is real. I need to pursue this.’ ”

Fast forward to today: Egan has walked away from her position as a nurse and is a full-time Promoter. She’s earned an Auto Bonus, been on 12 Lifestyle Getaways, and her husband recently joined her as a Promoter.

The two have created numerous vision boards to help them attain various goals but are reaching their goals so quickly, they have to create new ones. “We’ve pretty much wiped out several boards,” she says.

Egan credits the couple’s success to lessons she’s learned from Le-Vel’s Co-Founders and Co-CEOs, Jason Camper and Paul Gravette. “They’ve always said they don’t want the company to be a one-hit wonder type of thing,” she says. “They’re creating new and better things for the future. They are all in, and so am I!”

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